For our partners - amongst more detailed design & construction management roles - we will aggressively manage costs, relationships and the calendar to deliver desirable properties on-budget and within our investment expectations.

Work with partners that love what they do

As residents of Westchester County we’re passionate about providing beautiful, quality homes.

Bella Vita Realty Partners

Public policy, taxation and cost of living are steadily increasing the burden on raising an upper middle class family in Manhattan. Demand for clean, safe, education-focused communities, with close proximity to the city is on the rise. Inventory rarely includes raw land, and is plagued by severely outdated homes in the more desirable municipalities of lower Westchester County. Potential buyers do not have the desire or wherewithal to finance/manage a gut-renovation or expansion project from afar. However this same profile shows interest and ability to purchase high-quality, ample-sized homes with modern amenities ready to move into.

Rehabilitating homes is not necessarily a wheel, and Bella Vita doesn't want to reinvent it, either. We have access to the most reliable and accomplished subcontractors, suppliers and realtors. In addition, we can readily tap multiple sources of capital and manage all investments with our money always at work alongside. We experience an orderly improvement of properties to our rigorous standards, which yields prompt return of principal + distributions to investment partner accounts.


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